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  Staffa Boat Trips and Tours, 2 minutes, Seaview B and B explore the "Sea Kingdom." 

Staffa, boat, trips ,and, tours, Lunga, Treshnish

Isle of Lunga, Long boat Island (viking)

Firstly Staffa Boat Trips and Tours  to Staffa and Fingal's Cave, Isle of Lunga, Treshnish Isles and Iona. Secondly two land based wildlife tours on the Isle of Mull handily located from Seaview. The Trips  and Tours on  land are ideal for wildlife and bird spotting. Consequently allowing you to relax and enjoy the tour through spectacular scenery of the remote Ross of Mull. See below

Staffa Boat Trips and Tours Staffa and Treshnish booked from Seaview,  geology, wildlife and historical adventure!

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Staffa Boat Trips and Tours and the  Treshnish Isles
Staffa, boat, trips and tours, Staffa Trips, Tours ,Staffa ,Mull ,Iona ,Treshnish Isles,

Staffa Tours from Fionnphort to Staffa

Staffa Boat Trips and Tours sail you to the Treshnish Isles with their Hebridean Island scenery have been distinctive landmarks for seafarers sailing the western isles for thousands of years. Island names reflect the importance the area was to invading Vikings who ruled the western seaboard.


Eight islands, the archipelago lies 3km west of Isle of Mull extending along a north east-south west axis of 12 km. Spectacular habitat, scenery, abundant wildlife, a historically important treasure of  a medieval castle the Treshnish Isles  read more Visit with Staffa Boat Trips and Tours from Fionnphort or Iona. 



Staffa  Treshnish Site of Special Scientific Interest
Puffins, Lunga, Treshnish. Staffa, boat, trips and tours

Puffin playtime Lunga. like a jump jet

The isles are a Site of Special Scientific Interest being a major grey seal breeding site with over 900 to 1100 pups born every year. Puffins nest in large numbers and this funny little seabird, brilliant at swimming and flying is comic when it crash lands on Terra firma! However it still manages to amaze by migrating thousands of miles and diving great depths to catch eels. See all this birdlife with Staffa Boat Trips and Tours





Lunga Island and Staffa Tours

Staffa Boat Trips and Tours to "Lunga" Island (Viking for "Longboat") is the best place in the Treshnish Isles to see Puffins and they come to nest there between mid April until the end of July. Sailing with Staffatours read more  you can explore the islands in modern, fast, purpose built boats with a knowledgeable, sea experienced and friendly crew.

Treshnish  and Lunga with Staffa Tours
Staffa, boat, trips, and, tours, harp rock, Lunga, Treshnish

spectacular Harp Rock 

Soak up the atmospheric Treshnish Isles and in particular Lunga with its superb seabird colonies on "Harp Rock" of guillimots, puffins, shags, storm petrels, skuas, Kittiwakes, great northern diver, gannets and razorbills. Harp Rock nesting site for some 7000 birds.

Staffa, boat, trips and tours, Harp Rock, Lunga, Treshnish

7000 nesting birds, Harp Rock

Seals wallow on the shoreline and otters occasionally pop their heads up in the picturesque bays. Marine flowers, some unusual, adorn the rocks and grassy slopes particularly in May and June providing vibrant colour. An occasional elusive corncrake can be seen.

The voyage continues in the afternoon to the mighty Staffa and Fingal's Cave, a geological wonder! with Staffa Boat Trips and Tours







Booking Staffa Trips and Tours and Treshnish Tours
Staffa, boat, trips, and, tours, wild flowers, Lunga

carpet of marine flowers, May and June Lunga

Book online with Staffa Boat Trips and Tours however John at Seaview recommends booking Staffa boat Trips and Tours on arrival at Seaview. John has been booking trips for years. He is happy to provide this service and will keep an eye on the weather for the best day to tour the islands. Consequently the advantage is, you can choose your day and be flexible with weather and other tours arranged. Also if the tour does not sail because of weather you don't have the hassle of claiming your money back.


See Seaview'sTreshnish Isles read more             Seaview's Staffa page read more  


Staffa Boat Trips and Tours from Seaview Band B


Gullimots, Staffa, boat,trips, and, tours, Lunga, Treshnish

Gullimot Council Lunga

Staffa Boat Trips and Tours from Seaview B and B are 2 minutes walk to Fionnphort Pier where you board your boat for Staffatours.

For those of you who are interested in ornithology and the natural history of these beautiful, unspoiled islands sail out to  Lunga and spend two hours ashore (weather permitting).








Trip Duration

Inhabited until the 1850’s, Lunga still has a number of ruined crofters’ homes along with a large family of burrowing rabbits, some of them black! Perhaps the rabbits arrived with these early inhabitants!

This trip lasting approx 5½ hours operates daily (except Saturday) from Fionnphort and Iona from May until early August. See Staffa Tours website link on page.

Staffa, boat, trips and tours, Lunga, croft, ruins

Lunga ruins from 1850's

Please wear warm waterproof clothing and practical footwear. A packed lunch and/or snacks are also recommended. If the day is bright wear sunscreen, it doesn t have to be sunny to be burnt at sea!  A toilet is available on the boat. On leaving Lunga, you will then make the trip to Staffa to visit Fingal’s Cave, approximately one hour landing (weather permitting)





Staffa Trips and Tours operator
Staffa, boat, trip, and tours, Treshnish, Lunga

Staffa with sea pinks in evening light

Boat operator:  Staffa Trips and Tours boats called Fingal, Ossian and Uillin and are modern fully government inspected and tested vessels

For timetables go directly to:                  reserve a room  at Seaview

Staffa boat trips and tours, Staffa Trips- MV Iolaire-

Staffa Trips MV Iolaire, Isle of Staffa, Fingals Cave, Hebrides

Iolaire at Staffas Great Face

Staffa Boat Trips and tours to spectacular, columnar Staffa and the famous, natural wonder, Fingal's Cave, with well known west coast skipper Graham Tindal.

Visit Staffa and Fingal's Cave with its wonderous basalt columns formed 59 million years ago from super cooled volcanic lava. Interestingly the other end of Ireland's Giants Causeway. Even more spectacular rising out of The Sea of the Hebrides

Travel on the Motor vessel Iolaire ( Gaelic bird with the sunlit eye - Eagle) with its west coast skipper Graham Tindal and crew offering an extremely personalized trip .




boat-trips-and-tours,Staffa, Fingals Cave

Fingal's Cave

The sea journey is approximately 45 minutes to Staffa  depending on winds and tide. Arriving at Staffa you will possibly see guillemots, fulmers, skuas, eider ducks, gannets,and kittiwakes, great northern diver, storm petrel and razorbills. Puffins can be seen ashore on Staffa April until the end of July and Atlantic Seal Pups in October. If you are lucky you could see a passing whale, basking shark, porpoise, or otter. Visit our Staffa page read more for details






Times of Staffa Trps and Tours
Puffin, Staffa,Isle of Mull, boat-trips-and-tours

Puffin Squawk

The Staffa Trips and Tours lasts 3 hours and you can board and disembark at Iona and Fionnphort, Isle of Mull. Seaview bed and breakfast is only 2 minutes away from Fionnphort Pier where you board  the boat to Staffa.

Trips leave for Staffa twice daily weather permitting with at least one hour ashore approximately 3 hours duration . There is a toilet aboard the vessel.

The crew are experienced and offer good local knowledge in a very personable, friendly manner.

The Iolaire leaves from  Iona : 09.45 and 13.45 and From Fionnphort : 10.00 and 14.00




Staffa, Fingal's Cave, boat-trips-and-tours

Staffa, Fingal's Cave and the Great Face

At Seaview we are delighted to organize and book this trip for our guests. Usually best to book on the morning of the trip when we can decide if the weather is suitable. You can do a circular journey in one day, weather permitting, using the main Calmac Iona ferry either at the start or the end of your trip to Staffa and Iona from Fionnphort. John would advise you of this when you arrive at Seaview regarding how to best use the boat-trips-and-tours to maximise your enjoyment and time on Mull and Iona.

Please ask your host John to help do this for you. Your host has been happily helping to organise guests trips for years. Alternatively reserve with Staffa Trips  email or book online at

Landline:+44(0) 1681700755   Mobile: +44(0) 7809136694 


However we recommend waiting until you arrive, to allow flexibility with the weather conditions at the time, picking the best day to be at sea, and perhaps to fit in other Land Based Tours around Staffa.


Clam Shell Cave, Staffa, boat-trips-and-tours,

Clam shell Cave and Landing Stage Staffa

Extra layers of clothes, gloves, hat, good rubber grip flat shoes and sun screen are advisable extras in a rucksack!

For full details and images of Staffa visit our Staffa page read more


MB Iolaire of Iona- Graham and Sara Tindal, Isle of Iona. Telephone;+44 (0)1681700755 : mobile +44 (0)7809 136694           web;   Staffatrips read more

boat-trips-and-tours.Alternative Boat Hire-

Personalized tours with skipper Mark from Iona who will share his knowledge and love of the west coast with you, as he says "Journey the World between Ocean and Coast"

boat-trips-and-tours,Alternative Boat Hire, Isle of Iona,Birthe Marie

Birthe Marie, Alternative boat hire,sailing near the Dutchman's Cap

Journey the world between ocean and coast with Alternative Boat Hire operating boat trips from the Isle of Iona and Fionnphort Isle of Mull. The boat Birthe Marie is a traditional wooden,ex working sailing and motor fishing boat built in 1933 in Denmark possibly working in the North Sea and the Baltic. A strongly built, renovated old fashioned boat with gaff ketch rig. She is a solid heavy boat and takes time to build up her speed but is stable and assured in rough weather conditions.

The purpose of the trips is an unhurried voyage taking in the rugged coastal landscape of the Ross Mull, Iona, Staffa and the Treshnish Isles preferably using her ample sails however she has a motor if she is becalmed or a return deadline has to be met.. The boat disturbs little sailing to hidden coves and beaches along the coastline. Mark Jardine the owner and skipper has over 30 years experience of the west coast and sailing boats




MacKinnons Cave,Isle of Mull

MacKinnons Cave, Mull, an "alternative" venue

The boat-trips-and-tours can be different everyday depending on wind direction and tides and cater for novices, experienced sailors, old and young , exclusive trips or groups up to twelve accompanied by one or two experienced crew, one of them being skipper owner the enthusiastic and adventurous Mark Jardine.


John can help you contact Mark on arrival at Seaview however it is recommended for this trip however because of its flexible and bespoke nature and weather changes contact Mark beforehand at 




boat-trips-and-tours, Alternative Boat Hire, Iona AbbeyOn the website there is a flexible schedule of summer sailing times and more detailed information regarding the possible


On the unscheduled days/hours there is ample time to  arrange a fully bespoke trip with Mark subject to weather conditions.  

Wild About Mull- spectacular wildlife land tour with expert bird watcher Bryan Rains



boat-trips-and-tours,Sea or White tailed eagle Isle of Mull

Sea eagle by Bryan of Wild about Mull Tours

A wildlife land based tour operating locally around Seaview bed and breakfast on the Ross of Mull in the south west corner of the Isle of Mull. Your guide, owner Bryan Rains has over 30 years experience in wildlife watching, and although this is now his job he is a dedicated and passionate wildlife enthusiast who can often be seen out in his van keeping track of where the birds and animals are in winter in all weathers and on days he has no one booked.






boat-trips-and-tours, adder

Bryan likes to show you adders on a sunny day

Bryan's comfortable mini bus can carry a maximum of 8 passengers. The intrepid Bryan will do the driving and spot the wildlife for you as you enjoy the rugged and scenic Ross of Mull with powder white beaches, wild flowers and a magnificent range of wildlife.






Otter, boat-trips-and-tours

Otter Loch Scridain photo by Bryan

Bryan regularly spots Golden Eagle, white tailed sea eagle, otter and hen harrier, Adder, deer, Mountain Hare and various breeding waders at the appropriate time. Tours start at approximately 9 am from your accommodation and finish around  4 to 5pm.

A tour can be booked with John and Jane at Seaview at the time of reserving your room, ( advisable to book early before your stay on Mull) or directly with Bryan and Joy  email: bryan@wildaboutmull, You can have a look at Bryan's fabulous wildlife photographs on his daily blog click here which can also be accessed from his website wildaboutmull readmore     



Sea eagle Hide 
boat-trips-and-tours,Sea or white tailed eagle Isle of Mull

White tailed eagle soaring Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull is the best place in Scotland to see the white-tailed eagle, more commonly known as the sea eagle. It is Britain’s largest bird of prey with a wing span in excess of 8 feet; its poetic Gaelic name is ‘Iolaire-suile-na grein’ which translates to ‘the eagle with the sunlit eye’. They are regularly seen in flight from public roads throughout the island.

We are very fortunate to have the 5 star VisitScotland Visitor Attraction RSPB Sea Eagle hide at Craignure Golf Club

To visit the Sea Eagle Viewing Point at Craignure Golf Club, you will need to book your place which operates on a first come-first served basis of up to 20 people for a ranger led visit. For further information and to book your place contact Craignure visitor center +44 (0)1688 812566. or ask us to make a booking in advance of your stay with us.


boat-trips-and-tours,sea eagle,white tailed sea eagle

sea eagle Mull

We are approximately 40 miles from the hide and on your drive from Seaview to the hide you take in magnificent scenery while keeping a look out for golden eagles, otters, owls, red deer. Great Northern Diver and hen harriers and many other species. The meeting point is sign posted with Forestry Commission signs at Craignure golf Club about a mile north of Craignure on the Craignure to Salen road. A great day out.Ranger Trips are from April to September each year Monday to Friday, 2 trips per day, lasting approximately 2 hours. You can leave early if you wish. Times 10am to 12.30pm  and 1.30pm to 4pm. You can request out of hours trips for groups.




boat-trips-and-tours,sea eagle,Isle of Mull

Sea Eagle mobbed by smaller bird of prey

Calandar- April:Adults sitting on eggs, May-July:chicks in nest adults feeding them August:chicks fledged but flying in the area.

The trip costs £8 adult (including RSPB members) £4 child £20 family ticket for 4 Pay guide on day, income benefits the sea eagle hide and other local community projects,

 Well behaved dogs on lead welcome, Please bring waterproofs, midge repellent, binoculars etc. There are good telescopes on site for your use.For detailed information about this magnificent bird of prey,

visit the Sea Eagle website. For further information on bird watching on the Isle of Mull visit the Mull Birds website or Mull Eagle Watch

Cars can park at the Craignure Clubhouse car park


Public transport: The west coast motor bus on the Craignure-Salen-Tobermory route will stop at The Golf Club entrance on request. You can travel by bus from Fionnphort to Craignure and pick up the other bus as they connect..


© Photo taken and permission kindly given by guest Mike Ashforth and Bryan Rains

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