Walks on Mull

 Walks on Mull, spectacular scenic walking Ross of Mull, Isle of Mull.

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Walks on Mull 

Walking the spectacular, scenic  walks on Mull and the Ross of Mull peninsular and the Isle of Iona. Rugged red granite hills, remote moors, coastal cliffs, magnificent mountains and spectacular beaches. An area with ruined townships, evidence of a difficult history of Highland Clearances, thought provoking, interesting, challenging and uplifting.

John with his dogs Megan and Lainie at Seaview B and B  have enjoyed all of the walks on Mull and Iona  described below. Absolutely enjoying many hours walking and exploring in the wild open spaces of the Ross of Mull and Iona.

4 star gold service,

Seaview bed and breakfast is a member of the Walkers Welcome read more scheme run by Visit Scotland. Consequently you can be assured of a very warm welcome. Always somewhere to dry out your clothes and boots, a laundry service, packed lunches and hot flasks, a cracking bed, good breakfast and top service.  We understand your needs after a days walking the walks on Mull and do our best to relieve the aches, pains and tired feet.

Local Knowledge and Advice on Mull Walks and Iona Walks

Your host John will help with advice, guidance and information on all Walks on Mull and Iona  plus much more. We have OS maps and guide books for you to plan your walks on Mull and Iona Walks.

Walks on Mull  routes and beaches on google maps created by Seaview for you. (see  below)

Easily plan your day on our Mull walks Iona walks page below with the help of John's interactive google route maps. Also Beaches on Mull with route maps read more to help you plan your adventures to Mull's superb beaches.

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Further information on Mull Walks Iona Walks can be found on the following websites:
Mull Magic  ; Mountaineering Scotland ; The Stevenson Way

 Mull walks Iona walks from Seaview B and B are listed below handpicked by John who has walked them all many times!                                                    

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 Walks on Mull and on Iona

Walks on Mull Ardalanish and Uisken 
Walks on Mull, Walking Mull, Ardalanish Beach, Uisken Beach, Isle of Mull

Ardalanish Beach Isle of Mull

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 Ardalanish and Uisken Beaches Walks read more

Two fairly easy splendid beach walks close to each other with special interest geology, fabulous views, west coast machair wildflower habitat and historical sites through the ages Wellies, trainers and walking boots required





Walks on Mull Ardtun fossil leaf beds and columnar basalt cliffs
Ardtun, Basalt columns, fossil Beds Mull, Isle of Mull

Ardtun basalt columns

Ardtun-Fossil Beds and Columnar Basalt Cliffs and Ardtun Circuit read more

A medium length tricky coastal walk above basalt cliffs, with interesting geology and spectacular views.Ground tending to be wet and slippery, good waterproof walking boots require 2 to 3 hours return from Bunessan car park.





Walks on Mull, Camus Tuath North Bay 
Walks on Mull, walking on Mull ,Camus Quarry, Stevenson Lighthouses, Skerryvore lighthouse, Camus Pier, Market Bay, Isle of Mull

Camus Quarry Pier, Mull

Camus Tuath North Bay Stevenson lighthouse quarry read more

A medium walk across open moor land on the Ross of Mull to a narrow bay. A bonnie quiet spot with historic cottages and quarry used for the lighthouse building of Skerryvore and Ardnamurchan Lighthouses. Thereafter to a secluded royal beach called Market Bay. Good stout walking footwear.




Walks on Mull Carsaig Arches
 Carsaig Arches, Carsaig, Isle of Mull

Carsaig Arches

Carsaig sea arches a geological wonder read more

A long 5 to 6 hours walking below the dramatic Carsaig Cliffs taking in the spectacular sea views, cliffs and varying wildlife arriving at the natural basalt Carsaig arches of Malcolm's Point. Another geological wonder of Mull. A very challenging remote walk for the serious walker. Let someone know where you are going and expected time back. Good walking boots, walking pole, some rations and a good level of fitness.




Walks on Mull Fionnphort Beach,Tor Mor Beach, pier and Quarry and Iona Viewpoint
Walking on Mull, Walks on Mull, Tormore, Toremore Quarry, Fionnphort, Isle of Mull

Toremore Beach and Pier

Fionnphort Beach,Tormore Beach and Quarry,Iona viewpoint read more

Rugged coastal walking along the scenic Fionnphort powder white beach.Enjoy stunning seascapes and views to Iona and Abbey from Mull, a picnic on Tormore beach and explore the history of the Tormore Quarries. Wellies or walking boots. 1 to 2 hours round trip from Seaview.



Walks on Mull Erraid A tidal island, Lighthouses and Robert Louis Stevenson
, Mull, Isle of Erraid, Erraid

Erraid sound Mull at low water

Isle of Erraid read more

2 to 3 hours walking to the tidal island lying just off the south west corner of the Ross of Mull. It has historical connections with the relatives of the famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson, who was part of the 'Stevenson lighthouse family' and who was best known for his adventure stories  'Kidnapped' and Treasure Island. Relatively easy walk requiring waterproof foot wear but a knowledge of tidal  conditions and tide times essential, John can provide advice on the tides and when walking across the sound of Erraid is safe to do so.



Walks Iona North Walk, nunnery and Abbey
Iona, Walks on Iona, Walking on Iona, Iona Nunnery, Isle of Iona

Iona Nunnery

Iona north walk, nunnery,Abbey,Dun I,North Beach read more

A gentle walk of about 2 to 3 hours visiting one of the major historical sites in Scotland. Iona Abbey, Iona nunnery, St Oran's Chapel. Enjoying some of the most beautiful machair and powder white sandy beaches and super maritime scenery in the world. Climb the mysterious Dun I for fabulous views of Iona and surrounding islands. You can see Ireland in a good day.




Walks Iona West and South walk
Iona, Walks on Iona, walking on Iona, Iona Marble Quarry, Isle of Iona

Marble Quarry, Iona Sound

Iona west and South-Bay at the back of the Ocean,Columba's Bay,Marble Quarry read more

A more strenuous walk for the fit walker, west across the machair to the Bay at the back of The Ocean and Port Ban and then on past the spouting cave to the south coast to Columba's Bay with perhaps a visit to the Iona Marble Quarry for the hardier walker. Walking boots a must. 2 to 3 hours




Walks on Mull Kilveckeon, Dun a Gheard, Scoor and Shiaba
 Kilveckeon Beach, Shiaba, Scoor, Isle of Mull

Kivickeon Beach, Mull looking west

Kilvickeon Cemetery and Beach,Dun a Gheard Fort and beach, Scoor Beach, Shiaba ruined township read more


Magnificent varied and scenic coastal walking to a medieval church, cemetery and spectacular beaches and a ruined village. Long walk of varying terrain moderate difficulty due to length walking boots and a degree of fitness essiential must. 1 to 3 hours depending on whether you choose to do all of the walks or pick out one or two.




Walks on Mull Kintra and Braighcreich
Walking on Mull, Walks on Mull, Kintra, Braighcreich

Meggie and Lainie Kintra

 Kintra old fishing village to lost township Braighcreich Read more

A medium length reasonably easy walking from a picturesque ex fishing village to a peaceful valley and deserted island township. Waterproof  boots recommended.one to two hours






Walks on Mull Loch Buie Moy Castle, St Kilda's Church,  Standing Stones and Laggan Beach
Moy Castle, Standing Stones Loch Buie, Isle of Mull

Mull walks Moy Castle Loch Buie Isle of Mull

Loch Buie Ben Buie Ancient standing stones St Kilda's Church,Moy Castle,Laggan Sands Maclaine Mausoleum Rad More

Combine a day out with a drive to Loch Buie and two short walks and a longer walk to the Standing Stones and the Maclaine stronghold of Moy Castle in the scenic and historic glen of Lochbuie plus a longer walk to Laggan Sands and ancient Maclaine Mausoleum.  All three walks are in the setting of the magnificent backdrop of Ben Buie. Reasonably easy walks of 3 to 4 hours if you do everything waterproof walking boots recommended.



Walks on Mull Fossil Tree, Burg, Ardmeanach- A walk on the wild side!
 McCullochs Fossil Tree, Ardmeanach, Burg, Isle of Mull

Macculloch's Fossil Tree

Ardmeanach, Burg, Fossil Tree Read more


An arduous 10 mile all day excursion on the Ardmeanach peninsular owned by The National Trust for Scotland where eagles soar, goats cling to the magnificient volcanic landscape of Burg cliffs, an Iron age fort and farm with  fabulous views of Loch Scridain and The Ross of Mull and finally down a ladder to McCullochs fossil tree. Superb views of The Treshnish Isles and Staffa.   For the serious, a fit walker, stout walking boots, rations and let someone know where your going and ETA back.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Walks on Mull Tireregan nature trail Traigh Ghael Beach                                                                                                                                                                                  

 Tireregan Township, Ross Of Mull, Mull

Tireregan Ruin

Tireragan nature reserve, township and Traigh Ghael Beach read more

A rugged 3 to 4 hour walking adventure taking in a nature reserve, historic abandoned townships, wonderful panoramas of the Ross of Mull, and the most remote and picturesque beach on Mull. For the adventurous walker and the starting point 2 miles from Seaview bed and breakfast. Walking boots and good level of fitness required.




Walks on Mull McKinnon's Cave
Walks on Mull, Walking, MacKinnons Cave, Isle of Mull

MacKinnon's Cave deepest Cave in the hebrides

MacKinnons Cave-the deepest cave in the Hebrides read more

A very difficult 2 hour walk for the fit walker, along the top of a  rocky boulder strewn shoreline with the spectacular grand basalt Gribun cliffs above you to the deepest cave in the Hebrides which is tidal and can only be reached from half to low tide. You must time the walk for a receding tide by looking at the tide tables before you set off. The seascapes to the islands of Inch Kenneth, Staffa, Treshnish and Iona are superb. Watch out for eagles and otters. Experience, fitness and walking boots essential.




Walks on Mull Ben More
 Munro, Ben More, Mull, Ross of Mull Isle of Mull

Snow Capped Ben More Mull

Ben More-an island Munro-the Last Munro-from sea level read more

Mulls only Munro,Munro baggers often climb it last because of its isolation, a mountain over 3000 feet, You must be fit equipped with walking boots, layers of clothing ,rations, GPS, compass etc, be able to map read and get yourself off a mountain when it clouds over. Two main routes one easier than the other depending on experience. as described on link page. The views from the top are breathtaking and you can see Ireland,the outer Hebrides,Ben Nevis, The Cairngorms and The Paps of Jura from the summit.Watch out for golden and sea eagles eagles,seasonal dotterel and the elusive Ptarmigan.

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