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 Beaches on Mull and Iona

The south west peninsula of the Isle of Mull is known as the Ross of Mull. The Isle of Iona  is located on the Ross of Mull's western tip. Both are renowned for their glorious, scenic and white, sandy beaches. Explore these spectacular, lonely powder white, scenic beaches on Mull and stay at the superbly centrally located Seaview bed and breakfast in Fionnphort Mull.  John  happy to show you how to explore these hidden gems of beaches on Mull, by land or boat!

Centrally Located to Beaches Seaview Isle of Mull

Some are easily accessed, some are stiff hikes requiring fitness and walking boots. Seaview B and B is within 8 miles of 90 percent of the beaches on Mull and Iona. Our B and B is ideally centrally placed location to explore these beaches on Mull whilst staying on the Isle of Mull.

Mull and Iona Beaches Descriptions,  Gallery and Maps

Above is a gallery of some of the beaches in the south Mull area. Below are maps of beaches on Mull and Iona which  you can expand and locate the beaches and see  images and short descriptions of them. Below the maps the beaches on Mull and Iona are listed with expandable photo and full descriptions including links to our walking page. Walks page with route maps read more

26 Spectacular Beaches on Mull, Isle of Mull and the Isle of Iona

 Beaches on Mull,Laggan  Sands, Loch Buie 

Beaches, Loch Buie, Mull,

Laggan Sands, Loch Buie Mull

You pass quaint St Kilda's Church, Loch Buie House and Moy Castle.

 Superb views of Ben Buie and discover ancient standing stones.

 Silver sands of Laggan Beach an hour return gentle walk east along a track from Loch Buie shop car park.

Walks on Mull page with route maps read more

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Beaches on Mull Carsaig Bay 

Carsaig Bay, Beaches, Mull

Carsaig Bay Mull

A scenic fertile oasis with mainly a stone beach with sand. However worth visiting for the scenery, eagles and otters.

Views to Jura and Colonsay. Starting point west to Carsaig Arches. 5.5 hour hard return trip. Arches are a superb geological feature. Wild goats up to a 100 in number wander the Carsaig area.

To the east a stiff coastal 2 hour walk to Loch Buie passing basalt dykes and stacks.

 Walks on Mull Page with route map read more

Beaches on Mull Scoor, Traigh Bhan Na Sgurra 

Beaches, Mull, Scoor Beach

Scoor Beach Mull

Gaelic means Rocky white beach, a perfect description! Scoor is the area the beach is located; on the south coast of Mull, 15 minute walk from Scoor House, walking boots required.

Spectacular beaches surrounded by cliffs and steep slopes, Eagle territory, superb views of Colonsay "Paps of Jura"


Walks on Mull Page with routes map read more


Beaches on Mull Kilveckeon 

Beaches, Mull, Kilveckeon

Kilvickeon Beach Isle of Mull

Scenic beach with tidal island west of Scoor Beach. 10 minute walk from  small car park on Scoor road,

Walking boots required, rough tractor track through fields.

Track passes a medieval church with interesting gravestones and history.




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Beaches on Mull Beach of the Dun or Fort 

Beaches, Fort, Dun, Kilvickeon, Isle of Mull

Beach of the Dun (Fort) Mull

Small sandy cove with steep sides below an Iron Age Fort Dun Gheard, west of Kilvickeon beach 10 minutes walk over the hill from Kilvickeon Beach. Beware of steep slopes near beach and fort.  A sheltered bay  ideal for secluded picnic or swim. return the way you came. 20 to 25 mins back to car park




Walks on Mull with route maps read more

Beaches  on Mull Port Bheathain (Mac Vean's Beach) or "Bay of the Thumbs"

Beaches, Port Bheathain, Mull

Port Bheathain or Bay of Thumbs Isle of Mull

Two bays in one bay viewed from above the beach of the fort. The site of a historic battle of the Clans MacPhee

from Colonsay and Macleans of Duart on Mull. The Macleans ambushed the MacPhees who arrived in rowing

boats. The Mull men won and cut off the MacPhees thumbs and they were unable to row home in their boats!


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Beaches on Mull Uisken  "water Bay" 

Beaches, Mull, Uisken

Uisken Beach, Ross of Mull

Pretty white. sandy, shallow, cove with islands. Ideal for swimming. Easily accessed with road to beach, 2 miles from Bunessan village.

A popular camping site and family picnic beach. Remnants of a salmon fishery pier and Bothy. A short sharp walk to stone cairn with great views.

Interesting geology on beach.

Walks on Mull with route maps read more

Beaches on Mull Ardalanish

Beaches, Ardalanish, Mull

Ardalanish Beach Mull

Wonderful wide stretch of white sand with a fabulous wildflower machair in May, June and July. Shallow water ideal for safe swimming. Much history including a standing stone, Iron Age Hill Fort or Dun and a cave with an interesting past. Interesting geology where schist meets the red Ross of Mull Granite. Livestock includes Hebridean sheep and Kyloe Highland Cattle and Ardalanish Weavers Mill.


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Beaches on Mull Traigh Gael South 

Beaches, Mull, Traigh Gael

Traigh Gael Beach Ross of Mull

In John's opinion, "Simply the best on Mull. "A very scenic, remote  white sand beach on the south coast. A one hour rough trek over moors through Tireregan Nature Reserve passing a ruined township. Sitting on the beach on a good day you could be in Caribbean. Dip your toe in maybe not, you are in Scotland.

Rare butterflies and wildflowers hen harriers. When John was a fisherman he had his lunch in this stunning location.

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Beaches on Mull , Bay of the Seals, "Port nan Ron" 

Beaches, Mull, Port na Ron

Bay of the Seals, Ross of Mull

A white sandy beach tucked away at the head of a bay. Fairly remote, difficult to access through wood and rock outcrops. Situated on the Tireregan nature reserve below the areas high point Aird Mor (high point) Noted for numerous common seals in summer. There is a ruined house tucked away on its western shore and an ancient oak woods above. A good bay for catching lobsters. Ask John about easiest way to access the beach.


Walks on Mull with route maps read more



Beaches on Mull Traigh a Mhill 

Beaches, Mull, Traigh a Mhill,

Traigh a Mhill, Ross of Mull

Picturesque small white sandy inlet with deep water. The name means "Inlet of the round rocks".One of Johns favourite bays for a barbecue and swim. John usually travels to it by boat, its easier than climbing! Located 10 minutes walk over the hill east from Knockvologan Beach it is very secluded. It has views to the island Eilean A Chalmain (Island of the Dove) where the farmer grazes sheep on the summer. John helps with his boat to take the sheep on and off to Knockvologan.

Walks on Mull with route maps read more

Beaches on Mull, Knockvologan 

Beaches, Knockvologan Mull

Knockvologan Mull

A series of sheltered, scenic powder white strands. Again one of John's favourite beaches  5 minutes drive from Fionnphort and 5 minute walk down a rough track. Wellies or boots. with the dogs! A favourite for summer picnics and swims. Rabbits, seals, otters, buzzards, hen harriers, machair wild flowers and wonderful  views. Another Caribbean like beach! The shallow sea azure blue on a good day separates Mull from Erraid.


Walks on Mull with route maps read more

Beaches on Mull, Balfours Bay, Traigh Ghael Erraid

Beaches, Mull, Balfour's Bay, Erraid

Balfour's Bay, Erraid, Ross of Mull

A lovely sandy cove surrounded by very pink Ross of Mull granite rock on the Isle of Erraid. Traigh Ghael means "beach of the Highlander." The beach featured in Robert Louis Stevenson's book "Kidnapped" where David Balfour was ship wrecked. It is accessed from the tidal island of Erraid. A favourite mooring spot for passing yachts in the summer.


Walks on Mull with route maps read more


Beaches on Mull, Fidden Isle of Mull 

Beaches on Mull, Fidden, Isle of Mull

Fidden Beach Beach of the Sunsets

Extensive beach facing west known for sunsets.Very accessible by road 1 mile from Fionnphort. Popular holiday destination, campsite on the machair. Known for Lapwings, Corncrakes, Redshank, Greenshank, Seals and Otters.

Looks over to the Isle of Erraid and Stevenson's  Dubh Artach (Black Rock) lighthouse is visible on a good day 15 miles out to sea.

Walks on Mull with route maps read more

Beaches on Mull Fionnphort Bay (Port of the White Sands) 

Beaches, Mull, Fionnphort

Fionnphort Beach, Ross of Mull

Seaview faces this beach looking onto its distinctive split rock and out to the Iona Abbey. It is the ferry point for the islands of Iona and Staffa. Accessible from the road. The sands are reddish in colour from the red granite base rock surrounding the beach. Guests can look over this wonderful panorama while eating breakfast in Seaview's dining room.


Walks on Mull with route maps read more

Beaches on Mull Tor Mor or Foot of the Sea Sands 

Beaches, Mull, Tor Mor

Tor Mor Foot of the Sea Sands, Ross of Mull

Lovely white sandy cove 15 minutes walk over the hill from Fionnphort Beach at the mouth of Bull Hole Anchorage Ideal for a swim or picnic in the summer, however don't swim too far out, a strong tidal stream runs through Bull Hole outside the left side rock..Walking boots required. Full of history the stone pier with its old winch is a legacy of Tor Mor quarry above. Superb views of Iona and Abbey.


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Beaches on Mull, White Strand of the Monks 

Beaches, Iona, White Strand of the Monks

White Strand of the Monks, Iona

White sandy point north of Iona Abbey on the east side of Iona  withfabulous views to Mull of Burg and Ben More. Noted for the light by the famous Scottish colourists notably Cadell. and Peploe. Island of the Storm lies off  the north tip of Iona and has a sandy strand where Terns nest in the summer. John used to nip over on his boat with the kids for sports, swimming and barbie.


Walks on Mull and Iona with route maps read more

Beaches Traigh-an-t-Suidhe  (beach of the Seat) , north west beach Iona

Beaches, Iona, Traigh-an-t-Suidhe

"Beach of the seat referring to the big rock in the middle of it. Wonderful summer machair of wild flowers at the top of the beach where the animals are kept off to allow the flowers to show. Out of the tide a good safe beach for swimming. Grand views to the islands and Mull.


Walks on Mull with route maps read more


Beaches West Beach Iona (The Bay at the Back of the Ocean)

Beaches, Iona, Bay at the Back of the Iona

Bay at the back of the Ocean, Isle of Iona

Located at the end of the south road a wonderful long beach of white sand and shell locally known as "The Machair" or quaint "Bay at the Back of the Ocean". The path to Columba's Bay starts at the south end of the beach machair. There is a golf course manicured by the cows and sheep. The fun "Iona Open"is played in August. To the south west on the rocky shore when there is a sea swell and half tide there is a spouting cave throwing up a high spout of water as the sea is forced through a hole..


Walks on Mull and Iona with route maps read more


Beaches Port Ban (Fair Bay) Iona

Beaches on Iona, Port Ban, Isle of Iona

Port Ban and Dun Buirg

A wonderful picturesque sandy secluded cove a short walk through a gate north of the Bay at the Back of the Ocean. Port Ban is sheltered from most winds except westerlies. It is a favourite spot for picnics and a swim. On a hot day when the tide comes in over the warm sand this is the time to take a dip when the water will be at its hottest. Just north overlooking the beach the imposing Dun Buirg ( hill fort or fortress) an Iron age fort. You can see a tiny part of what would have been a defensive wall on the flat top.

Beaches Columba's Bay Iona

Beaches, Iona, Columba's Bay

St Columba's Bay, Iona

A remote coloured pebble beach at the south point of Iona where it is reputed Columba first came ashore on Iona. There is a path from the west beach machair via the golf course. The beach has a peaceful spiritual quality and is visited by numerous pilgrims. Johns boat is in this picture. The beach is near The Iona Marble Quarry which is a hike to the east requiring walking boots.


Walks on Mull and Iona with route maps read more


Beaches Traigh Mor (Big Beach) Iona

Beaches, Iona, Traigh Mhor

Traigh Mhor Beach Iona

Big Beach of white sand on the east side of Iona with splendid views of Mull. Popular beach for picnics and families. Easily accessible from the village a mile south of the pier. A sheltered shallow bay for swimming on a good day.


Walks on Mull and Iona with route maps read more


Beaches Martyrs Bay Iona

Beaches on Iona, Martyrs Bay, Isle of Iona

Beaches Martyrs Bay Isle of Iona

Port nam Marbh, Bay of the Dead a small beach just south of Baille Mor (big village) associated with death.        A beach long associated with death. The coffins of the important chiefs and and kings were landed here from the mainland.

Vikings legend has it slaughtered 68 monks on this beach.

Finally female bone remains were found at the top of the beach suggesting perhaps the Nunnery burial ground was situated here at one time.

The bay overlooks the pier and ferry to Fionnphort and the excellent Martyrs Bay restaurant hugs the Bay to the north.

Beaches St Ronan's Bay Baile Mor (big village) Iona

Beaches, Iona, Traigh MhorThe white sand beach below the village and beside the ferry pier. Busy in the summer with tourists. The locals pull there boats up on this beach and the Post office is at the top of the beach. You can watch the ferries go in and out from here. Named after Iona's devil bashing Bishop around 600 AD.

Walks on Mull and Iona with route maps read more

Beaches Sand Eels bay next to Traigh Mor Isle of Iona

Beaches, Iona, Traigh Mhor, Sand Eels

Sand Eels Bay, Traigh Mhor Beaches Iona

Small secluded white shell sand bay south of Traigh Mor with splendid views to Mull. Popular picnic place for families. Easily accessed from the south road by track. Good for swimming on a sunny day.

Walks on Mull and Iona with route maps read more

Beaches Calgary Bay, North Mull the Best of the rest

Beaches, Mull, Calgary Bay

Famous Calgary Bay North Mull

The famous Calgary area where Calgary in Canada takes its name. A lovely white sand beach surrounded by craggy hills in the north west corner of Mull. About 5 miles from Dervaig village in the north and 12 miles from Tobermory the road passes by the beach, and there is a car park at the beach. Can be busy with tourists swimming and having picnics  in the summer. For further information and detail go to www.isle of








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